5.90 Index rules:

Heads Up 5.90 Racing Association Basic Rules

All cars must have hood removed and go thru Tech. for inspection before time runs.

Anyone found to not be in compliance with rules during time runs and or eliminations will be disqualified from the 5.90 race and will forfeit entry fee.

 5.90 seconds index   .400 Pro Tree


 Center Steer cars will be allowed Roadsters (No Dragsters)

Deep staging is allowed in conjunction with courtesy staging ( both cars must pre-stage before either car final stages )

Standard safety regulations apply

Standard race regulations.

Qualifying / Eliminations Rules

Random staging lane Tech. inspections may be preformed.

Low qualifier ( Closest to 5.90 without breakout ) will receive the first round bye if there is an odd number car count field. ( In case of a tie the best package gets the bye

After first round the bye runs will be awarded to the best reaction time from the previous round. ( In case of a tie the best package gets the bye )

For eliminations, cars will pair up as they line up in lanes. Lane choice going to closest to 5.90 index on previous round.

Ladder pairing will begin starting with third round of eliminations.

First round losers will run each other before the second round.
Winners of first round losers will run in the second round.

Buybacks: for 1st round losses $30
$20 goes to purse
$10 to track

5.90 will have 1 race each month from April to November.
Entry Fee: $75
$15 back to track
$60 put in pot

Money for low qualifier $75 to be taken from entry fee 10 cars or more