Northeast News
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Winners Circle
  Congratulations to the ET Bracket Point's winners for 2019!
1950 Crosley
  Jeff Moore of Elizabeth City pulled into the gates with something different in a modified 1950 Crosley. Owned by his Daddy, Jerry Moore, Jeff piloted this unique looking car down the track this past year. The motor is a 348 Chevy with plenty of horses. Others included in this build was Charles Wilson, Jerry and Ricky Skelton. Of course Jeff had his hands on the motor. Looking forward to seeing Jeff back at the track for the 2020 racing season.

You don't see a 1939 Dodge pick up very is one with lots of horses!
Ed Miller
  This year the track was honored to have racing legend Ed Miller in his Hemi Duster making passes down the track here at Northeast Dragway. Looking forward to seeing him again next year!

Captain Bobs/Albemarle Screenprinting
  Thanks go out to Captain Bobs for serving up some delicious Bar-B-Que among many other great foods at the track this year. Also thanks to John Wolfe with Albemarle Screenprinting and Embroidery for making some great Northeast Dragway T-shirts, hoodies and hats for everyone to enjoy.

Brock Promotions
Returning in 2020 will be Brock Faircloth with Brock Promotions supplying up some great Grudge racing. He will also continue with his new Northeast Top 10 Shootouts! There will be other promoters coming next year bringing in more grudge races that will have the spectators standing in their seats.
"Speed Oasis"
There will be ET Bracket racing sponsored by Speed Oasis (Chris Cox) coming in 2020! Money and trophies will be awarded at each of his races. Chris is your go to man for high performance parts. He is not only a sponsor of his events but also a bracket racer who knows what it takes to get that machine down the track fast and safe with fair prices on every part. Check out his Facebook page at to get in touch with him, or you can call him at 757-377-9495. Let's support the local businesses that support the track!
Diesel Wars
Chris Parker and Buddy Callaway will be bringing the house down with their Diesel Wars!
They will be back with some of the best and fastest trucks on the East Coast. If you like fast trucks, you won't be disappointed as they hit the burn out box!

"Northeast Pulling Park"
Northeast will be having truck and tractor pulls during the 2020 season at the Northeast Pulling Park! This park is located behind the tower at Northeast Dragway. Last year's opening date was rained out, but hoping for a great season this year. There will be Trucks, Tractors and Mini Rods to entertain those who love watching the competitors digging in and kicking up dirt trying to make a "Full Pull".